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It should be no surprise that Love Live has as big of a following as it does, what with its cute characters, charming comedy, and multitudes of songs that fans can obsess over. Enjoy Love Live for its cheerful music and cute girls who try to achieve a goal. The main theme of Love Live! is never give up despite how impossible the road ahead may seem and always remember that your friends are there with you every step of the way. Another key part of the theme is to never give up on your dreams. The theme is not much more complex than this.

The characters in Love Live! are unique, well designed. Honoka Kousaka, the protagonist, is an extremely lovely, natural, and strong willed girl who will do anything to achieve her dreams. Honoka forms Muse with her friends, Umi and Kotori before reaching out to get more girls to help with reaching their goal. Honoka is so likable; she is so determined to do everything she can to keep her school from being closed down. Umi Sonoda, one of Honoka's best friends from childhood, is a very calm, reasonable, and serious girl. Umi is very talented with poetry and has superb writing skills; she writes mostly all of the lyrics for Muse's songs. Umi is just as determined as Honoka, but a lot more forceful when it comes to accomplishing things. She is a very lovable and is attractive in as a strong female character. Kotori Minami is probably the most adorable character I've ever seen. She has a champagne blonde color. Kotori is a very shy girl who loves her friends. All characters are very inspired, everyone want to cosplay one of them.

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